Yearly Journaling for your kiddos- A “favorites” list…

Hello Hello! Yesterday, I was up at The Crafty Maven Getaway You Tube Channel with a fun Scraplift Saturday video!

In the video I described how I have a favorites list I use to create a page for each of my boys every year to show how their interests change from year to yer. It is a little hard to read the “Favorites List” in the photo of my layout…especially since I hand-wrote it. 🙂 And some expressed interest in seeing the list I use so I thought I would share the layout, video and the “Favorites List” here sor easy reference!

Here is the video-

And the layout-


I love this favorites list because it is easy…and I have boys that don’t want to answer mom’s silly questions for her scrapbook pages…but even at 16, I was able to ask my son what’s your favorite… and he answered them, without even really realizing what he was doing in less then 8 minutes!…Score one for Mom!

Favorites List-

  • favorite food
  • favorite drink
  • favorite color
  • favorite book
  • favorite animal
  • favorite TV show
  • favorite thing to do with mom
  • favorite thing to do with dad
  • favorite toy (and yes, even at 16, my son just answered me…lol! )

So, there is my list. I’ve been doig this list since my oldest was 5 for both of my boys and it is a really fun to look back on. I like doing it when my kids are halfway through thier year at that age (for example, 16 1/2) because they are firmly that age and you get a better idea of thier interest…in my opinion anyway!)

Have A Lovely Day!




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