Blog Kick -Off Post #3 – Paper Bows

I love bows..they are so pretty. Bows are a little hard to pull off on boy pages,true, but on cards they are lovely…and since my boys love bow ties, I have managed to sneak in a few on their pages too. 🙂

Our family is FINALLY  feeling better! And I think 3 blog posts a week is going to be what I will strive for on this blog..3 seems manageable…and if I can get 3 done with all of us sick, should be easy,peasy, lemon squeezey on a good week! But I digress…back to the bows…


These are the bows I like. Ones I can make all by myself with minimal supplies and I can make them in any color or width I choose to. Anyone can make them- they are that easy! And unlike the bows in most embellishment packs, they aren’t bulky in your scrapbook pages or cards unless you want them to be. (With pop dots or foam or cute little gems for the center,see….totally versatile!)

I hope you will check out my You Tube channel for a short little video on how I create these adorable bows-Super Simple Paper Bows  (PSSST! There is a giveaway this week on my YT channel too!)

And don’t forget to leave a comment on this post –GIVEAWAY! for a chance to win some fun handmade kindness from me!

Have A Lovely Rest of Your Weekend…go make a few bows,maybe??




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